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  2. Hi my name is Gigi I’m Thai ladyboy I'm 22year-old from Bangkok but now stay in Sydney i am always horny and can be ready to serve you the way you want i want to make you happy and want to take care of ... im ass sexy body, medium breasts and nice cock i can i Do everything and make your dreams come true. You will love me. Iam the good sex baby. Call me. You let me make you happy. You make me happy. I make you happyIf not look same in the picture not pay me lol Not tall me iam expensive if you never see I am take care you in the bed for drama come
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  4. Wow, another blonde Thai ladyboy that I’ve never seen before, but would very much like to! She looks really hot and looks like a total slut. After all, any naturally dark haired beauty, whether female or shemale, who dies her hair blonde, is, by definition, a slut. Always! And if you needed further evidence, you can tell she is by the way she licks this guy’s asshole to get it ready for her to shove her huge ladyboy she-cock in his asshole–bareback–so she can stretch it and spray her girlie goo all up inside it. She clearly loves it, and you will love watching it too.
  5. There is just something very carnal about pretty ladyboy feet, that makes me go bonkers at the sight of them, if they are feminine and well maintained. She is one of the honeys who has delicate and pretty feet, and I would make sure her ladyboy feet are thoroughly worshiped by my lips and tongue as a part of our foreplay. This very pretty ladyboy is like my dream come true when it comes to ladyboys. So pretty, and she has the body, face and behavior of a girl, and she has amazingly delicate, feminine and luscious feet. They are the perfect prelude to amazing sex with this pretty ladyboy.
  6. It’s not like you always want the same thing when kissing a ladyboy in her ass, is it? Well, some of you may go for consistency in your ladyboy preferences, but me, I like variety like @candysweet Sometimes I really dig feminine softness, but I also love this ladyboy’s yummy ass, ya know, because sometimes a little funk and vinegar really turns me on. It’s so carnal and it makes me feel like I’m doing something dirty. I love that feeling. And a hairy wet ass gives me the kinky feeling I crave when I’m licking deep inside her.
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  23. I am Daniella a slender and sexual Eurasian transgender ladyboy escort from Asia now visiting London for a short time only. I can meet you in my discreet hotel in central London, I can give you exact location after our first contact. I enjoy being both top and bottom, I have lube, toys and poppers - Condoms and SAFE sex is a must always.
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